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Catering With The Corner Stable

We specialize in parties, business meetings, weddings, and more! If you want great food at your event, you’ve come to the right place!

We provide a wide array of crowd-pleasing food, and our menu is easily customizable. Interested in a specific item you don’t see on our menu? Let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.

The Corner Stable offers catering services throughout the Maryland area and our catering department is equipped to handle parties of all sizes, from a small business lunch of 8 people to a company picnic of 1,000+ people.

Let us make your event unforgettable! Call us today to book your event!

We offer two types of services depending on your needs. We can provide a drop off service where we deliver and set up your catering. We also offer a full-service option where we do all the work! We bring the food out, set it up, serve it and clean it up. Our full-service option ensures you enjoy your event and our staff makes sure your event is a stress-free and successful one!

We ask that you please provide a 12-hour notice for your catering order. If you have a last-minute event pop up, we completely understand! We can handle your catering needs with the urgency it requires.

Delivery fee starts at $10. We will compute the delivery charge and confirm with you when we confirm your order.

Catering Menu



All soups are served by the cup and come with crackers.


All salads are served per person and have a minimum order of 8.


Family Style Pasta

All pastas are served in pans and feed 10-12 people and come with salad and fresh baked French baguette

Gourmet Sandwiches

All gourmet sandwich trays come with two sliders per person and served with lettuce, tomato, homemade slaw and chips. Minimum of six orders.


All wraps come on a variety of spinach, garlic and herb and tomato wraps cut in half and are served with cole slaw. All warps are sold 1 per person.


Medium serves 10-15 people | Large serves 20-25 people

BBQ Combo Packs

Great option to create your own package and please everyone in your party for one small price!
For parties of 10 or more, create your own package for $11.99 per person.
40 or More People - Contact Us!

Signature Meats

All signature meats come by the pound and rolls are sold separately.

Box Lunches

Homemade Sides

Pint $6.99 | Quart $11.99 | Gallon $38.99


A great way to finish a meal!
All dessert trays are served per person and have a minimum order of 8.


Catering Supplies